It is a well-accepted truth that the mainstream education system which India borrowed from the British hasn’t transformed much since independence. Today we see many students who have no clue or understanding of what they learn in their educational institutions. Certificates and degrees have become the sole agenda of students and parents while pass percentages and ranks to the educational institutions. As a result the country is now producing an alarmingly large number of school kids who cannot solve basic math or fluently read simple passages, degree holders who have no skill in their respective fields. In a country with a population of 128 crores and a per capita land availability of just 0.64 acres/Indian(0.54 by 2030, 0.48 by 2050) it is high time for education system to transform so that the future generations hold a chance to sustain and prosper.

The Idea of Future Schooling

With radical transformations happening at the National and International levels it is the best time for educational institutions and local Governments to plan for innovation in their administration methodologies. While addressing Government accredited academic curricula, the methodologies of engaging students in co-curricular and non-curricular activities are open for local innovation and has huge scope to tap upon. For an example “non-curricular life skills” like food production, arts and crafts, yoga, healthy cooking, …. can be fostered among students with the support of NGOs, voluntary & paid mentors and the local community.

There is not one specific good way for schooling today. There are many successful alternative methods that can be incorporated in educational institutions. The ideas of future schooling are now widely been discussed by many educationalists and NGOs in the “Forum for Futuristic Education, Prakasam district”. The forum helps educational institutions share, discuss and implement ideas of change through this website and other social media tools. If you are interested in being part of “Forum for Futuristic Education, Prakasam district” then please click here.

Do you have an idea about how a future school should look like? Then please email to projectprakasam@gmail.com . Your email will be posted on the website. There may be some educationalist who could benefit from your idea. Who knows your idea might transform the country or the world! 🙂

Future Schools Development Program (FSDP)

‘Future Schools’ Development Program is an Open Content Campaign initiated by Forum for Futuristic Education, Prakasam district in association with Zilla Praja Parishad – Prakasam district. The campaign helps create nexuses between Central/State/Local Governments, NGOs, innovators, mentors and public for effective cooperation towards holistic development of schools of Prakasam District.  The campaign aims at making Goal 4 (Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all) of the new Global Goals for Sustainable Development 2016-2030 (SDGs) a reality.

As a token of proving Prakasam district Zilla Praja Parishad’s seriousness on Goal 4 of SDGs the following novel initiatives are taken as part of ‘Future Schools’ Development Program.

  • Allotted 5 to 10 lakh rupees/school for 187 schools that have strength above 200 students. The schools will use this to provide needed infrastructures which have been neglected by State/Central government funding schemes. (Especially Compound walls). The idea is to transform these schools in a way that the low performing schools get inspired to catch up.
  • Development of interactive blogs/ websites, social media & whats-app channels to encourage School, parents, alumni , NGO, donor and government interactions.
  • Develop a schools ranking system based on the administration, infra structure along with performance in Curricular, Co-curricular, Non-curricular activities.
  • Give proper place for NGOs and community organizations to work in symbiosis with various Panchayati Raj bodies of Prakasam District.
  • Development of ‘Social Startup villages’ for helping formation of nexuses between Social innovators, leaders, mentors, NGOs and Government on various causes especially Education.


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Email to projectprakasam@gmail.com if you know any wonderful organization doing good work in the field of Education.